Friday, October 5, 2012

Closing up Shop.

Yup, that's the word, After almost two years and exactly 200 posts of writing about my interest and finds here on, I am closing up shop. It has been a great two years, meeting and conversing with all sorts of awesome people, sharing ideas, and experiences. It really was a hard decision to make and has taken many a months to finally assure myself this is something I want to do. Being part of the blogging world and seeing new things be released and fade to the back (even having a couple items myself), I have found sometimes its all to much. How many leather phone pouches do we need? How many pairs of jeans that can last a lifetime do we need? How many pairs of welted boots do I need (a lot it seems)? Archival clothing's resolutions definitely have it right. I have found that I have all I need and there is not that much room in my life for new. When you buy to last, and you also write about it, you can only write so much till you feel like you are some what repeating yourself.

I will continue to do leather-work, I don't think I will ever stop, but I am for the time being I am not going to be offering any dry goods of sorts. So scoop them where they are available because that's the last you will see for a while, and possibly ever. I might take the odd custom job here and there, but juggling the blog, leather-work, my day-job, and other new interests is ending up being to much. And I still want to hike, bike, partake in some archery, camp and canoe.

So again I just want to say thank you to all the fantastic readers I have had over the past two years. Thank you for all your comments and feedback. Thank you all for your support with the leather-goods, It was truly  an amazing experience that has opened my eyes to some great products and consumer morals that I have passed on to many a family and friends.

Another thank you goes out to all my fellow writers and site owners, Thanks to (in no particular order) Donna & Angus, Brian, Alex, James, Obi, Jedd, Jeff, Lesli, Kevin, and many more. It has so amazing to have "met" you all, I hope one day I can meet the ones I have yet to meet face to face to share some laughs.

Also just so everyone rests assured, any damnyak products guarantee of craftsmanship will still be honored for life. If there is a issue or a repair, send me an email and I will look after you the best I can.

In the mean time people looking for some stellar leather goods please hit up some of my cohorts Hollows Leather, Corter Leather, or KG Leather. Tell them Chris from damnyak sent you.

So Thank you all, and I hope to keep in touch. Please do not hesitate to shoot me a email, and for sure there still might be the odd post here and there.

Sleep well My darlings.

Chris Adamiak.......and for those wondering my last name is pronounced "Ah-Damn-Yak".