Sunday, February 5, 2012

Damn Yak Trading Post.

Welcome to the Damn Yak Trading post. This is where all the Goods that We make here are available all the time. FYI: Bartering is great, and will be accepted as currency. It works for everyone. Paypal only. Shipping is per location, actual amount rounded to highest dollar. I am not responsible for Duties, customs, etc. All leather goods are "Made to order"  and will require a 4-6 day lead time.

All offers, sales, requests for more images, and inquires can be emailed to Damnyak(at)

Refurb Woods #100 Canoe pack (DY.02) - $120 + Shipping

Refurb Woods #100 Canoe pack (DY.03) - SOLD 

Refurb Woods No.200 Canoe pack (DY.04) - SOLD 

Damn Yak Axe Holster 10-12oz Tooling Leather. SOLD 

Mens Wallet Handmade 4oz Tooling Leather. SOLD 

Men's Handmade Long Wallet.  4oz Tooling Leather  Raw or Brown. SOLD 

Toronto Wide Cruiser Brigade T-Shirt S, M, L, XL. SOLD 

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