Monday, February 27, 2012

The Weekend, and Blueberries and Noodles.

What a weekend. It started off with heading to the Outdoor Adventure show to say "Hi" to the COEC guys, and to take a look around. The COEC booth looked fantastic, racks of Gransfors axes, lots of Helle Knives and Trangia stoves. The trifecta of solid outdoors kit. I bought what I thought was Coyote Brown Para-cord, but due to my colour blindness (some colours) I bought Olive Drab, I will have to get that switched. Lots of other good stuff to be had and ideas for places to visit. I even got to have a great conversation with Author Kevin Callan and Evan Holt of about my recent score of 16mm films, and the other possibilities of showings. Saturday was busy as I was in pursuit of a birthday gift for my wife, with no luck. I did however hit up Lens Mills in Cambridge, which is a fabric store built in the old Dominion Woollens Factory. I was digging in the "outdoors fabric remnants" bin, and scored 3 yards of Canvak treated Canvas Duck in Emerald Green, as well as half a yard of blaze orange Cordura. If you are unfamiliar with Canvak it is a Canvas treatment giving it a waxy feel and noticeable smell, It has been the choice of waterproofing for canvas for a very long time in the Military, and you will smell it when you walk in any army surplus store. There will be some special projects coming up shortly for these bits of fabric. Sunday was filled with a good olde fashion brain storm, My wife and I sat down and played with ideas for some new dry goods. Trying to keep it different, but still tough and useful. All these items are small batches and limited quantities but that keeps things interesting. I think I have a couple fun things coming up shortly, as well as some great new field tests and reviews. So stay tuned folks and in the mean time try this old Adamiak Family recipe. It was created to be a lazy man's Blueberry Perogies.

Blueberries and Noodles

One pack of Penne Pasta.
One pint of Blueberries (frozen will do).
One 500ML Tub of 14% Sour Cream.
1 cup of white sugar.

1. Boil pasta in pot as usual.
2. In seporate pot, on stove top blend blueberries and half cup of sugar to make blueberry sauce, or put the two in microwave and nuke for a couple minutes to make sauce.
3. When pasta is done, strain water.
4. In pasta pot, mix blueberries with pasta, then add at least 3/4 of the tub of sour cream, and the rest of the sugar to taste.

You can make this with any berries, I have had strawberries, cherries, raspberries, or all at once! I know it might sound disturbing, but I assure you it is amazing.  You can thank me later.

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