Friday, February 3, 2012

Avon "Clint" Coleman Lantern Cologne.

If you know Avon, you know that back through the 70's - 80's they put their Cologne in every conceivable bottle shape known to man. Jeeps, pipes, trains, just Ebay it, its incredible the shapes! They are cheap collectibles now ranging between $5 and $20 I would say for the high end ones. I have been collecting Coleman stoves and lanterns for over a decade, and when I was at a seniors center garage sale I stumbled on my first bottle of "Clint" in a Coleman Decanter. It set me back $0.50.  The Cologne was/is horrible, almost like you are wearing naphtha mixed with splash of Brut, with a swish of sewer water. Well needless to say it became the true "Man" smell among friends. On one occasion of three dudes in a parking lot applying some "Clint", one of my buds refused as it smells so bad. So what did Friend #2 do? He poured it in his hand and slapped Friend #1 in the face when he wasn't looking. Years later I found a unopened bottle with the box at another sale. Thank God, I would hate to run out of my favorite man smell. And look at that graphic, those men are so happy. Happy to be burning their kness standing so close to the fire? The one guy on the left kind of looks like Clint Eastwood, though I think even his coolness couldn't pull this off.  Any other dreaded "man" smells you know aside from the obvious.