Monday, February 20, 2012

Bill Mason 16mm Films.

 This past week has been quite memorable week for me. If you have followed the blog or know me personally, you know I am big Fan of Bill Mason's work. Well this week I had the pleasure of basically having a collection of the original 16mm films fall into my lap. I stumbled onto two film, then while looking for a projector to play them I was offered two more. These are the classic films with the sound right on the film, like we use to watch in Grade and high school. One of my earliest memories of Bill Mason's films are sitting in my old living room with my Dad and watching the projector clack away with the super distinct voice of Bill chatting way on "Song of the paddle". To be able to have these films is something else, I was giddy like a school-girl waiting for them in the mail. The four movies that I got are as follows:

"Path of the Paddle - Double Basics"
"Path of the Paddle - Solo Whitewater"
"Paddle to the Sea"
"The Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes"

Two of them have faded a bit, as all film does, and  the Magenta is the predominate colour, but the films are 100% viewable and I have been watching them all weekend! I hope to be having a Public "screening" coming up soon, I am just trying to work out details with some friends in regards to space etc. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hiya, I know I'm a little late but do you think I could watch these?