Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Burning House.

Fellow Blog owner, Foster Huntington from A Restless Transplant started a great new site called The Burning House. Foster puts the idea behind the website as:

"If your house was burning, what would you bring with you? It's a conflict between what's practical, valuable and sentimental. What you would bring reflects your interests, background and priorities. Think of it as an interview condensed into one question."

Today May 11, 2011, Mine was posted.

My List:
1. My Cats: Indy (left) and Scout.
2. My late 50’s Red wing work boots (size 13 is hard to come by!)
3. My paddle that’s been on almost a decade of canoe trips.
4. Engraved Zippo from My wife.
5. Custom James Mcgowan knife: I designed, he made into life.
6. Cyma Navystar watch from my Pop.
7. My wallet and contents
8. WWII U.S. Bayonet from my Late Uncle.
9. 1940’s Shell bag.
10. My first edition “Song of the paddle” signed by Bill Mason.
11. 1TB hard drive with 13 years of Music and pictures on it.

So Check it out and submit your Burning House List!.

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