Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Coghlan's Camping Accessories.

The "old green and yellow", the impulse buys of beginner campers. Call it whatever you want, but Coghlan's has been a family staple for camping accessories for decades. We have all used something made by them, some stuff is good while others is not worthy of any space in a pack. Founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1959 as Coghlan's Gas Appliances. Norm Coghlan also sold camping equipment in his store on the side. When campers began bringing their camp stoves and lanterns seeking parts and repairs, he gradually expanded his product line. In the 60s Mr. Couglan bought the entire inventory of a U.S. company Manufacturing camp toasters after finding out that they were going to be discontinued, Had it shipped to a rented storage facility and this began Coghlan's distribution of camping accessories. The Camp Stove Toaster has been made in Winnipeg, Manitoba since the mid-60s. Coghlan's has assembled and packaged over 7 million 504D Toasters. Since then it has grown to over 450 products and is the largest producer of camping accessories in Canada and the United States.

Three of my favorite items that are in my current rotation are:

-The egg keeper. It really does keep eggs safe!
-The refillable squeeze tube. Have been using them since I was 5.
-The 504D toaster, not for wilderness tripping, but great when car camping. When car camping a fork in the bagel held over the flame is perfect!

What are your favorites?


  1. The toaster rig, fits on a coleman stove. That one's always stuck in my memory.

  2. Chris, I don't know you and we don't have similar hobbies, but I liked your photo on "The Burning House". All your things look well-loved and it is just plain that you have a lot of character. Love those cats. I think I noticed your paddle first. I used to canoe a lot in the river as a kid and it struck me that I don't do that any more. Must...!

    Terri :)

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  7. Ohh, look at those accessories that you need in your camping trip :D Incredible! I really want to have a checklist on those thing :D My wife has broken the eggs several times so I think the egg toaster is a need :D Thanks for sharing1

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