Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Patric Reynolds - Leatherface Commission.

I met Patric thru an old pal out of Utah.  Patric is a artist at Dark Horse Comics.  Some of his work is "Serenity: Float out", and interior art of the more recent comic prequel of the Swedish turned American film "Let me in".  On the side he does commisions.  This is where I come in.  As a bit of a horror buff and my favorite being the 1974 flick "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", I contacted Patric to see about an illustration.  He was more than happy to help me out.  Within a couple days I was provided a digital copy of his illustration, Which was nothing short of amazing!  Shortly there after I got the original in the post.  To see his energy in this beautifully frighting piece of art was amazing.  The whole image is creepy with exactly the feel of nervousness and helplessness that the movie portrays!  I can say that I was taken aback when I first saw it, and will hang this illustraion proudly on my wall.  I am pretty sure he is always taking commissions and will be more then happy to assist you anyway he can.  Patric's passion for his art is popping at the seems, and really shows when he puts brush to paper.

Gallery of Commissions
Patric's Facebook Page

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