Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wanted: Winter Campers.

Hello all,

This an open invitation to anyone who is willing to perhaps partake in some winter camping this season.  I would like to get out for a couple overnights this coming cold weather. My loving Wife will not tent camp in the freezing weather as she does not fair well after a long days outside in the upcoming cold weather. Me on the other hand fairs well in the cold. Whether we hike in to a site and stay put for a couple nights, or drive up and yurt camp, thus doing some day hiking is fine.  I have been told that Silent Lake PP has really nice non hydro, wood heated yurts. That would be a great two night trip, as they can sleep 6 people, The ideal person has their own equipment, enjoys the cold, willing to plan and perhaps drive (sometimes) and especially has a great sense of humor.  On the same lines I am wondering if any readers have a Hot Tent (canvas tent and wood stove) that they would either rent, let me borrow, or participate for some extended winter camping.

Shoot me an email Damnyak(at)


  1. Winter camping - what part of the country do you live in? I am in the midwest. Alan

  2. Alan, I am in the Greater Toronto Area.