Monday, May 14, 2012

Some Custom Work.

Today is our good friend's Daughters 1st Birthday. Happy Birthday Jolene! For her birthday I made her this pair of booties hopefully to get her through a month or so before she out grows them. They are 12 oz tooling leather soles, and moose-hide uppers, super soft and comfy. They were a blast to make, and turned out exceedingly well!

I also was commissioned to make a custom pancake style sheath for this antler knife. The shape of the knife was really curved in the handle and made it harder to bring the sheath up high, I brought it up as high as I comfortably could while making it secure in the sheath. This sheath is made from 10oz Veg-Tanned, then soaked in propitiatory wax mixture for protection and stiffness.


  1. lovely leather crafting, and those booties are too sweet!

  2. Thanks D! They look pretty cute on the wee one!