Tuesday, July 24, 2012

D.Y. / Woods Canada Renewed Canoe Packs PT.2

Fresh 9 oz leather straps for hauling heavy gear.

Here are the last two of the Vintage Woods Canada Canoe packs that I have refurbished from a Muskoka Summer camp, Just to refresh, They have been stripped of old leather, cleaned, fabric repairs done, and new heavy dudty lether added as well as a tumpline. The first (No.02) is still available, pics can be seen here. These packs are getting harder to find as they never give up. Shoot me a email to purchuse. To see if the pack you are intrested in has been sold please visit the "Trading post" on the right.

Amazing original spiral repair. ( No. 03 )

Original No.100 stencil.  (No. 03) 

Ready for adventure  (No. 03)

The No. 200 below with side axe holder turned out great. Instead of the original vinyl that ripped and tore, I used veg tanned leather treated with Obenauf's LP. Alittle more traditional, it should last twice as long. This project was a blast, seeing these bags take shape and become completely useable was fantastic. They really will be able keep up once again with the roughest of adventurer.

(No.04) SOLD

Original No.200 Stencil (No.04) SOLD

Axe holder (No.04) SOLD

(No.04) SOLD

Original leather patch  (No.04) SOLD

Heavy duty canoe pack.  (No.04) SOLD

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