Monday, August 13, 2012

L.L. Bean' s Waterproof Dressing.

Finding antique L.L. Bean items seems to be a bit more difficult than say "vintage" L.L. Bean. To me personally "vintage" refers to clothing, shoes, and wear-ables. "Antique" to me refers to everything else, like tools, furniture etc.  I often scour the various internet retailer and auction sites looking for a well price collectibles. About 3 weeks ago I stumbled on to this partially used can of  "Beans waterproof dressing". It is a 1/4 Pint can, and the label was still in good shape. The price on  the can is $0.25, hoping to be able to date the can by the price I dug out my Spring/Summer 1950 catalog to see what the price was then. Sure enough the can was in there, and for $0.25. So that makes it at least 62 years old. I wonder if the dressing is still usable? As there is no ingredients on the package I cannot verify that it contains beeswax, which if it did I would think that it would still be good. L.L. Bean should get Obenauf's to produce some of their LP dressing in a reissue of the old tins with like this.


  1. I found a similar one, only it is 1/8 pint and sold for 15 cents. i wonder if they have any real value

  2. I have one here in pa. Looks like the can is in the same shape as yours. I'm afraid to open it.