Monday, September 10, 2012

T. Sisman Thoro-bilt Boots.

This past weekend after a morning hike we decided to hit up a local thrift shop. While walking around there was all sorts of goodies there. There was about a half dozen pairs of NOS Wrangler "Cowboy Fit" Jeans in size 27 waist. Unfortunately I don't know to many people with a 27" waist. Yikes that's small.

As I was taking a look in the shoes section I found these amazing boots. There are steel toe NOS Sisman Thoro-bilt Work boots. The crazy thing is that they were my size. The boots are extremely tough and well built. They are triple stitched on the side and have stitched and nailed Goodyear "Durocork" soles. They are unlined and have steel toes.  I am guessing they are from the 50's, and compared to my Red Wing GT's they are almost identical, the biggest differences are the Sisman's have thicker leather, larger aluminum Grommets, and no piping along the top. 

To be honest I never heard of the T.Sisman shoe Co. untill I saw these boots, but here is a bit of history for you all.  I cannot find a actual date in which the company was started, but in 1910 the Underhill and Sisman Shoe Manufacturing Co. moved to Aurora from Markem. Then Unfortunately/fortunately the partnership ended later that year. This new found freedom let T.Sisman build a larger factory in Aurora shown below.

The T.Sisman Shoe Co. built many different shoes, from combat boots for the Canadian Army in WW2, to big snow boots, to uniform boots for everyday Police Officers. Again I am sorry as information is pretty scares of the subject. But I have found a couple ads from their work boots. and I cannot wait to sport these Thoro-Bilt Boots this fall, and they are actually comfortable for being old steel toe boots.

1957 Work Boot Ad.

1933 Work Boots Ad.


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    1. Hey there, They are a 12. Immaculate condition. Why, what's up?

    2. I recognize this is 6 years later, but those boots are awesome! Still have them?

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  3. i have a pair of sisman ice skates im looking for info on......

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