Sunday, March 20, 2011

St.Lawrence Sunday Antique Market.

Today, We went to meet my Father at the St. Lawrence Antique Market that happens every Sunday. The Hustle and bustle of collectors looking for that one item, the chit-chat of deals being struck, and always interesting characters that frequent these events. Today was a "lucky" day for me, I found a item I have been trying to find at the right price for quite a few years now. As I was looking in a display case of militaria, I saw a I.M.C.O. lighter. The usual one I see are the chromed "streamline" model. It can change from a lighter to a candle when you pull out the wick/fuel reservoir. Usually range from $20 -$40. This lighter seemed like a basic model, made out of brass, the shape though instantly recognizable. As I and inspecting the lighter the gentleman says "$10", I reply "sold". After doing a quick check on it, turns out it is one of the first models I.M.C.O made, this lighter give or take is from 1925 and the model is the I.M.C.O. "IFA" model and it works beautifully.

The second item picked up was a really nice old Bruce trail patch. It was in a bin full of door knobs. As a Halton resident the Bruce Trail goes right through Milton, and I know sections of the forest and trail like the back of my hand. The patch was $1 and will look great on my Swiss "salt and pepper" pack. It was a swell day with a great many laughs. Anyone looking for a quick fun thing to do on a Sunday morning should definitely check it out.

  St. Lawrence Sunday Antique Market

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