Saturday, March 5, 2011

Viberg & Red Wings Boots Factory Films

Here are a couple short films inside of the Viberg and Red wing Factories. These two companies are two of what I think to be the highest examples of men's boots.

Canadian made Viberg boots, started their harness and boots around 1930 in Shellbrook, Saskatchewan. With the depression in full swing they stacked their reputation on craftsmanship, high quality and durable goods. In 1949 with the closing of many sawmills in the area, Viberg packed up and relocated to its current home in Victoria, BC. Claiming 218 steps in each pair of boots made, they are by far the highest quality Canadian made boots on the market.

Film Produced by: Inventory Magazine.

The US's Red wing Shoes was started in 1905 by Charles Beckman. By 1915 Red wing was the primary Boot maker for the US Soldiers fighting is W.W.I. and W.W.II and producing more than 200,000 pairs a year. I really don't need to go into to much detail regarding the high quality of their footwear. Buy a pair and you will see why there are still around. There more popular work boots are the Moc toe, white sole Boots.

Their Boots are still mostly made in the USA, I came across this short film regarding the factory in which some of the boots are made. This is they kind of pride in the product we need more of, and are slowly seeing with the request for locally make dry goods.

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