Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Pietersma Tinworks

Looking for that touch of Christmas History to add to you upcoming Christmas tree.  Over the past couple years I have collected many cans of Pietersma Tinworks Tinsel and other tin ornaments. I first saw them at Lee Valley Tools about 4 years ago, and now finding them at BCPV and other Historical location. Started by Greg Pietersma, who learned the art of tinsmithing at Upper Canada Village in the 90's. Since then he has opened quite a busy shop involving his whole family and carrying on the traditions of quality and craftsmanship in the numerous products it sells. Besides the tinsel and stars, I have quite a number of the Mason Jar tea light holders casting their unique glow around my pad.  He also crafts other traditional items like lanterns, hurricanes, tin cups, cookie cutters, and an amazing shop lamp. Based in Chesterville, Ontario (south east of Ottawa) the shop is sometimes open as a storefront by chance, but no need to wait out front as many retailers across Canada and USA (plenty in VT!?) carry Pietersma products for you to decorate this Christmas season.
Buy Online Direct From The Pietersma Tinworks.


  1. Great Stuff...

    You may enjoy another
    Outdoor inspired Ontarians Blog

  2. Hey Brian, where are you located? really nice pics on you site!

  3. I am in Woodview, About 45 mins from Bancroft. Where are you located?

  4. Just west Of Toronto, Milton. Great to see some local readers and bloggers! Fantastic!

  5. Youve got a great site here and some classic tough looking products. Is this a full time thing or do you do something else in the city?

  6. I wish full time! But alas I work another job, in a Maintenance Dept.

  7. Hey Thanks for the post. Really appreciate the mention.
    You have some great products here!
    Greg Pietersma, Tinsmith/Owner
    Pietersma Tinworks

  8. Greg, Thank You for stopping by and thank you for keeping a time honored skill alive! My wife and I thoroughly enjoy your products and look forward to proudly owning more in the future.