Monday, December 19, 2011

Robertson's Candy.

Nova Scotia’s largest family owned hard candy factory was established Truro, Nova Scotia in 1928 by William C. Robertson. Now William’s son, Roy Robertson, runs this producer of fine quality hard candy. Specializing In traditional sweets, you will not see the likes of Sour keys, or jube-jubes in this factory. One of their iconic treats, and claim to fame is Barley Toys. Dating back to 1880, Barley Toys, also known as Toy Candy, Clear Toys, or Animal Candy have been a staple of Maritime Christmas’ since Robertson Candy started producing them when they originally opened.  Today Robertson’s has one of the largest collections of Barley Toy moulds in the world.

Along with Historical “toys”, they also produce a whack of other traditional candies.
Like Chicken Bones, Humbugs, Rum and Butter, Maple Kisses, Natural flavoured candies made with Maltose (not as sweet, perfectly balanced), and one of my favourite flavours, Clove. Their packaging is top notch, and durable, and the candies are large and flavorful. You can order online, and have these nuggets of joy delivered right to your door.