Friday, March 2, 2012

Introducing: Damn Yak Dry Goods Axe Holster.

Fresh from the work bench is the Damn Yak Dry Goods Axe Holster. Simple in form, and strong to deliver. These are hand crafted one at a time in super thick 10 - 12 oz. Veg Tanned Tooling leather, upwards to 3/16" thick. There was almost two months in field testing to come to the final product put forth here today. It may look quite simple in design, but there was many needs to be met for such a straight forward application. The strong leather is flat brass riveted on either side by hand through all layers of leather equaling 1/2" thick. The flat rivets prevent marring on your waistband as well as your axe. The holster can accommodate up to a 2" belt. 

The para-cord keeper strap is 550# US made in a deep red colour. The cord lock is a US made ITW Nexus Ellipse, one of the best on the market. When the keeper is engaged rest assured your axe is safe. An early prototype had a leather strap keeper, and some testers liked the security it provided, some thought it was not necessarily required. To come to a perfect balance, para-cord was used as it can be removed if you are so inclined with no outward damage to the holster or can be left and pushed aside for quick in and out activities. The other bonus of the para-cord is its field serviceable. If for some reason it rips or breaks, a new cord and lock is easily installed, without any special tools. The inner diameter of the holster is approx. 2" but can be "ob-longed" up to almost 2.5" x 1". Once the holsters were constructed they were treated with a thorough hand massage of US made and time tested Obenauf's LP for some serious weather protection. 

This Holster does not need to be used just for axes like the Gränsfors Bruks Small Forest Axe which fits perfect, but can be used for almost all hammers, small travel tripods, and other tools that need to be at you side with a diameter of about 2". This holster is a stand up, tough as heck, piece of kit for every outdoors-men. These are available now for $36 US each. Shipping is $11 worldwide. Clicking the Paypal "BUY IT NOW" Button is for single purchases. Hit me up at damnyak(at) with any questions, or to order more than one of these bad boys! Thanks for the support.



  1. Nice product! Where can I get info on becoming a distributor? Interested in carrying them in our store ATR Outfitters.

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  3. We are the importers of Gransfors Bruk in Japan and are very interested in offering your Damn Yak Dry Goods Axe Holsters to our customers. Can you give me information on how to become a distributor?

    Best regards,

    Paul Kastner
    代表取締役社長 ポール・キャスナー
    Fireside Company Ltd.ファイヤーサイド株式会社
    497-871 Akaho, Komagane-Shi Nagano-ken 399-4117 Japan
    Tel. +81 265 82 4676
    Fax. +81 265 82 4683

  4. I need a holster for my axe, and I think the Damn Yak Dry Goods Holster is the ideal choice. Can you please tell me how I can order for this holster? Also, check out some amazing axes here: