Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Superior Barn Equipment.

At one time located in Fergus ON, Superior Barn Equipment was quite a manufacturer of Barn and shop goods. I came across their products while looking for a new stool for my workbench. I was looking for something like the Toledo Stool, but hopefully made in Canada. I cannot find to much info on the web regarding the company and its history. Perhaps some further digging and a later post in is order. You can tell that they were quite proud of the equipment, as looking at the stool, almost every single piece of metal or wood is stamped "The Superior Way". The stool has some great adjustable option (leg height and back) and fits a tall guy like myself perfect all while providing back support for those long evening at the bench doing some leather work. I was able to dig up a catalog from possibly 1915, it is from the Toronto Library. It has some great pictures and drawings. I am loving the "Made in Canada by Canadians" page from the Catalog, Its great to see that buying local was an issue back then as well. Also I found that the Wellington County Museum has a great archive of photos of their stools and chairs. They really are nice products, so please stay tuned for hopefully some more history of this company and its products. If you have any info you can provide shoot me a email or leave a comment.

Toronto Library Online "Superior Barn Equipment" Catalog.
Wellington County Photos. (scroll to bottom for pics)

My New Stool.


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  3. Nice work finding that catalog.
    I refinish / restore this kind of stuff as a career. I'm always on the hunt for these particular stools. Thanks for this.

  4. I have a folding step stool from this company. It has been painted white..any idea of approximate worth?

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  9. This was my great grandparents company, in Fergus, Ontario. It was owned by my great grandpa George Maude & my great grandmother, Mary Maude (Munson).

    Originally he had worked for Beatty bros, but decided to go out on his own.

    It was a very successful business, and I am currently looking at finding pieces / catalogues etc.. for sentimental value.

    Great find!!I truly hope that you enjoy your new stool!! I know that my great grandparents took pride in designing all of their goods, and would be very happy to know that they are still being appreciated today.

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