Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Algonquin Canoe Trip

Digging through some pictures trying to find some shots I came across a canoe trip from about 5 years ago. It was Algonquin, I believe in May.  I remember we got to run a river that was only run-able for about two weeks a year, as well we got to see Algonquin's Cripple Creek. And we did sing the song by "The Band". It also started snowing one morning while paddling down some narrows, it was beautiful large flakes falling. Very surreal. There is one picture of my wife that I am sure I would have gotten in trouble if I put up. She was super frustrated after spending 3 hours in a winding creek and after a long portage she took a snapshot of herself with an angry face and snot running out of she could forever capture the anger that I put her through by planning the route.

Our Put In Canoe Lake.

Tom Thomson Totem.


Old Logging Relics.

Easy Portage/Logging Road.

Before The Frustration.

Digging Deep.

A Hare On The Portage.



Starting To Rain, Someone Left "Park Bought" Wood.

It's now pouring, can't dampen our spirits.

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