Friday, April 20, 2012

Sub 24 Hour Overnight.

This Weekend my Wife and I are hoping to get in our first "Sub 24 Hour Overnight" or "S24O" of the season. The term S24O was introduced to me through Rivendell Bicycle Works a couple years ago. They are essentially quick outings to get out and camp, bringing the bare essential to enjoy the evening and that's it. You typically leave later in the day, ride out to your campsite, relax, hit the hay, then rise early and head home. The fact you can still run errands during the day, makes this kind of camping great for busy people. Just being able to hang out by a fire, sleep in a tent and wake up in a sleeping bag is enough to recharge for the week ahead, and the fact you can squeeze in a couple good bike rides doesn't do any harm either. Take a read of Rivendell's article on it, it explains it a bit better, and get out for a S24O. If your in the Halton area and need a partner drop me an email.

My Trusty Steed.


  1. Call me wind because I am blown away by your post!

  2. Fantastic! After reading this post I had to take a little break myself and give it a go. I so remember being fascinated by the swirling, whirling colors as a child....guess I still am.