Friday, January 21, 2011

Canada West Boots: "Red Dog" Loggers

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to get my new Work Boots delivered to my office. It was a marvelous day. Every January I receive my Boots allowance for work and this year I was stuck between a pair of Viberg "Foreman's" or The "Red Dog's". The Viberg's were $400 with shipping and the Canada west's were $215 delivered. I like the look of the logger boots over the military-esque look of the Viberg, which really narrowed the decision for me. Both companies are Canadian, and well known in their style of boots. I was really hoping for a handcrafted pair of boots this year and I thought I was going to lose that with the less expensive Canada west.... Well needless to say I was wrong.

The craftsmanship is beautiful, The stitching is straight and even, the leather is flawless, and buttery smooth, and the nailed lug sole with leather heel is amazingly shaped and buffed. It really blew me away the pride you could feel in this boot, someone was very happy to make it and it shows!

Today was my first day with them on, and they are great! They need their break-in, but that is to be expected. and I am not use to the heel, but my calfs are thanking me already. Now Canada West Boots just need to make them in a soft toe, as there soft toe boots tend to be more of a western boot than a work boot ala Red wing, etc. So if you are looking for a solid work boot please take a look at, and give them a try yourself.


  1. how are these boots holding up?

    considering a pair myself. thanks

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  3. How'd these boots work for you?

  4. I bought Royers this year, what a waste of money. 7 months and they are falling apart. I am going back to Canada west they held up for 2 and half years doing tree work. They were the forester model. Great Boot!

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