Sunday, January 16, 2011

Darius Kinsey (1869-1945)

Darius Kinsey was the most important and prolific photographer of logging activities in the Pacific Northwest. His photographs show the hard working logging industry in its hay day, showcasing camps, equipment, railroads, and the people. You can see in the pictures some of the still available Filson clothing. The landscape in his pictures is beautiful contrasted to the gritty tired subject matter.

Darius Kinsey was a pioneer artist active as a photographer in the Northwest from the late 19th century to 1940. He was born in Missouri in 1869. Arriving in Snoqualmie, Washington at the age of 20, he went into the hotel and mercantile business, but soon after became intrigued with the art of photography. After learning the photography trade, he was hired by the Seattle and Lake Shore Railroad Co. and spent the next five years taking views along its line. At the same time, he started his pictorial documentation of life in the logging camps, photographing every aspect of logging in the Pacific Northwest.

This info is borrowed from, and more pics can be found at the University of Washington's digital collection.

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