Monday, January 10, 2011

Crepe Sole Anyone?

By far one of my favorite type of walking soles is Crepe. It is lightweight, flexible, and fairly durable. In the dictionary Crepe rubber is defined as:

crepe rubber
1. (Chemistry / Elements & Compounds) a type of crude natural rubber in the form of colourless or pale yellow crinkled sheets, prepared by pressing bleached coagulated latex through corrugated rollers: used for the soles of shoes and in making certain surgical and medical goods.

Crepe Rubber being Packed into wooden crates for shipping.

I find you could walk all day in crepe shoes and experience no fatigue in the feet at all. If there was ever a need to sneak up on someone, crepe could get it done. It is eerie how quiet and stealthy they are.

Probably the most seen crepe sole is on Clark's Desert Boot, Wallabee or their Desert trek. It has always been a staple Clark's. This year I notice that L.L. Bean came out with a Crepe soled boot. It is quiet beautiful and would make a excellent Camp boot. I know a lot of Moccasins already have a crepe sole for durability, and would probably be great , I just think that the L.L. Bean boot woudl have a bit more support. If you haven't tried a day walking on crepe I suggest you do. The initial swishy-ness of the sole with feel bizarre, but you will soon see that the are really excellent walking platforms!

Clark's have been using Crepe Sole like the ones on these Desert treks for 60 years.

L.L Bean's Crepe sole Moc Boot. Looks great!

Close up of the crepe sole moc boot.

P.S. A piece of crepe rubber is great for cleaning rubber cement off paper, and cleaning your grinding wheel!

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