Monday, July 18, 2011

Damn Yak Dry Goods Co. Wilderness Remedy.

Finally. I hinted at this back in May, I got plenty of emails asking "Why would I want a remedy from the wilderness?". This is my first go at Pine Pitch Salve. I have tried to keep it as local as possible. With only three ingredients I was able to hand pick the Pine Pitch from my Father-in-law's house in Campbellville, Ont. The beeswax came from my Brother, who is a part time apiarist's hives. And the olive oil is a Organic brand from Italy. The 125 ml/4.2 oz. jars that the salve is kept is are USA made Bernardin/Ball jars and reusable. Pine Pitch Salve has been around for hundreds of years and has been used to treat all sorts ailments in both humans and animals. Pine Pitch is a know antimicrobial. Today its used to sooth minor scrapes and cuts, as well it is a excellent "pulling" ointment. It will not cure you of cancer, but it makes a soothing first aid salve. I only have a few jars, so please visit my Etsy store or email me to pick one up.

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