Sunday, July 17, 2011

Massasauga Provincial Park.

This past weekend we took off to Massasauga Provincial Park. Let me first start off by saying that we are not fond of hot weather. Usually our canoe trips are based in late Sept, or Oct/Nov. We felt a urge to get out and enjoy some paddling and come camping. The weather this weekend here was about 30*C / 86*F with not a single cloud in the sky. Pretty hot!. The trips summery / highlights are as follows: One site was great (#31), the other horrible (#24, contacting Ontario parks about removing this as a site!). My wife portaged her first canoe - Amazing. Great tasting bannock. Beautiful landscapes and wild life. Had a Swallow dive at my face. Slipped and fell on to rock then into the water trying to pick up something with a canoe on my shoulders and a fully loaded canoe pack on back. When I fell I had the luxury of getting my finger split open and squashed by the canoe falling on my finger, pinching it between the canoe and a rock (now called plum finger). Almost had my heart jump from my chest as a Massasauga rattle snake rattled as I walk about two feet from it! and got some major sun! All in all it was a great weekend spent away enjoying the outdoors!


  1. What a smoking hot weekend to go! But it sounds like it was a good time. Great shot with the bones and Laura in the background - what animal were those bones from?

  2. @Chris, dude I am not sure about the bones. There was just a spine and pelvic bones on stump. My guess is a coyote?!?