Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Paine's Balsam Fir Incense.

Based in Auburn, ME, Paine Products and Incense Co. has been making Balsam Fir incense and Balsam filled pillows since 1931. The smell is unmistakable! Almost addicting. Watching someone new aggressively smell the pillow is kind of scary, as they don't want to put it down. One of their most iconic items is the log cabin burner. Where one gets the delight of smelling the scent as well as seeing the smoke wisp out of the cabin chimney. Since 1931 they have expanded there line to also include Red Cedar, and Pinon Pine incense. Paine's also now carries cast iron burners and door draft stopper balsam filled pillows. They truly do capture the scent of the forest. If you ever find yourself missing the smell if a campfire, just light one of these incense logs and let the smell bring you there. You can buy all their product directly from Paine's.


  1. I'd love to buy some, but the web site doesn't allow shipping to Australia. And they have no email contact strange!

  2. What about L.L. Bean, that's where I got some. They must ship to you!!!

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