Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Maine-ward bound.

In the coming months, I will be heading to Maine.  I will be spending a couple days in Portland, and I need your help. Any certain sites I need to check out. How about the shopping, is there a "vintage" area? any fantastic shops that need to be checked out.  What / where is the Hub of Portland? From what I have gathered Congress St. and Commercial Street? Shoot me a email or comment, any help would be great!

Thanks gang.


  1. Definitely check out the local thrifts- since it's Maine you can find some real heritage gems in terms of outerware, knit ties, woolens etc.

  2. Rodrigo, any specifically you can recommend!?

  3. Portland's town centre is small, it has a few stores but they are all pretty popular and well picked through. There's a store called 'Find' right in the Old Port worth checking out but I'd head to the burbs. 'Portland dry goods' is worth checking out but its new stuff. The Old Port is quaint, its the main part of town and worth wandering around to get the Portland Vibe. Congress Street is the main artery through town, its not too pretty but there are good art shops on the street. It's worth a look.

    There is a huge Goodwill near the Maine Mall which is worth a look. If you're traveling around i'd just hit up the thrift stores in the small towns surrounding. There is a great Antiques Market in Brunswick http://www.cabotiques.com/ they have a Flee Market on Sundays. And of course there is LL Bean in Freeport, well worth a look just for the size of the place.

    Portland is an amazing foodie town and has about 20 breweries within its township. Depending on what you are after there is everything from amazing high end restaurants (Fore Street, Miyaki, Hugo's) to awesome dive bars (Amigos, Rosies, Ruskies) some other local favorites are J's Oyster Bar, Navaré Res, Flat Bread, Sunny's, Local 188, Caiola’s. Unfortunately its off season so non of the lobster shacks are open.

    Hope this helps, I recently moved from Australia to Portland of all places. Any help I can give I'm more than happy.


  4. Kevin, Thanks Brother! I know the Salvation Army in Brunswick is great! and the one is Scarborough is really good as well!

    Thanks so much!

  5. No worries Chris, I hope you have a great time in Portland. It's a fun town, small but overflowing with art, music, good brews and AMAZING food. There's some good snow on the mountains at the moment too if that's your thing.

    When are you visiting?

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