Friday, January 6, 2012

Victoria Gin.

Handcrafted in Victoria, B.C. by family owned and operated Victoria Spirits. Vic Gin is a Canada’s only premium Gin. It is made in small batches on a highly polished handmade copper wood-fired still that resembles Tic-Tok from “Return to Oz”. This Gin has the obvious taste of Juniper, but also nine other Botanical's including coriander, star anise, citrus peel & rose petals, as well as a mystery ingredient only known by Master distiller Peter Hunt. The label of this apothecary styled heavy bottom bottle is beautiful done with a picture of a young Queen Victoria. Fitting for such a high quality gin, only the best! My everyday Gin is the cucumber mash made Hendricks. Expensive in it own right, and well worth it. I have over the past couple years acquired quite a collection of Gin, from Cold River, Old Toms, Gilbey’s, Beefeater, and Bombay. All have there pluses, but premium gin is just that, premium. Compared in price, Vic's is about double then your average "staple" gin.  Since trying Victoria gin, it is one of the only gins that is really quite palatable neat, as well as on the rocks. It really is a great tasting gin,  If you have it with a high quality Indian Tonic and a slice of lemon, you mouth is treated with such a plethora of natures bold flavors. I guess the notion that local is better stands true with gin as well. Although I haven’t given up on the great cucumber taste of Hendrick’s, It’s a welcome treat to try a fresh new and especially Canadian spin on such a historic spirit.


  1. "your mouth is treated with such a plethora of natures bold flavors". Wow, with a description like that it pretty much HAS to be tried! :)

    Is this available on the shelves of LCBO, or did you have to special-order it?

  2. har har! Yes, Lesley It NEEDS to be tried, most definitely next time we get together for sure! I just got it from LCBO, but only certain ones carry it, I got mine in Mississauga.