Monday, January 30, 2012

Vintage Algonquin Park Maps.

Mark Rubino's website "Mark's Algonquin Park Sampler" chronicles his trips in our most famous forest. Such a great site filled with excellent trip logs, photo's, and these amazing Vintage Algonquin Park maps. Dating back to 1893, you can see that some of the lake might have different names than their current. I love how the detail becomes more and more as the years pass, and more and more lakes get added.  It is great seeing the maps of the time when train was the only way into the park. To read some great stories of this era, check out Ralph Bice's book "Along the Algonquin Trail".  These maps are free for use, and please mirror. Clicking on any picture brings you to Mark's download page, where all the maps are. They are full size and quite big.  There is even a great map with the "visitor info" on the back. what a classic read, tons of great old info (A week of canoeing for two with a guide - $79.00). Please take a full read of Mark's site, tons of great info if you are looking to see what a trip in Algonquin is like.  Thanks Mark.

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