Sunday, July 7, 2013

Trip Report: Day:2 Lower Missinaibi River - Mattice to Moose River Crossing.

Day 2: July 1, 13.
-Km's Paddled: 15km
-Portaged Meters: 1500m
-General Weather: Sunny, No clouds
-End Of Day Camp.

 This was our short day. From other trip reports that I read, they mention make for it to spend a full day at Thunderhouse Falls. And I will tell you I am glad that we did. We broke camp before 8 am. Running a couple rapids in the morning after some oats and coffee felt great. We killed these rapids with no swampings of any kind and arrive at the beginning of the portage before 10 am.

The Camp sites were all along the portage so it was a matter of finding the one you wanted. We took our time, Andy carrying the canoe and food bag, and Myself with the Pelican wanigan and the sleep bag on top.  There is a huge sign for this portage as to let everyone know that some serious water is coming up, really the only big sign of the park. We make our way mid point to a great site overlooking the falls, with easy access to water and a nice rocky walk to get away from bugs. These sites are well used and the grass is very short, so bugs are not as bag as some of the other back woods one. Horse flies are the worst enemy here, and black flies in the deeper parts closer to the moving water.

Don't Let the Blackflies Bother You.

We set up camp and take in all that Thunderhouse has to offer, amazing rocks, loud waterfalls, and high canyon walls. Thunderhouse is awe inspiring. Andy and I discuss how there are still places like this that can only be seen if you canoe, there is not parking lot, people cannot just drive up and take some pictures. You have to work for it. And man, it is worth it.

The Top of Thunderhouse.

Today was nice, Andy Went fishing at the bottom of the portage and was kind enough to bring the canoe with him so we did not need to bring it in the morning. After dinner we took some pictures, had a pipe and some whisky while over looking Conjuring Rock. Which is a huge Monolith at the bottom of the falls and is really a structure to behold. My overwhelming feelings of the trip have since subsided. The nervousness is fading, But Moose river crossing pull out still seems exciting, and adventurous way to end this trip. A unique way of ending is always a good one. One of the Highlights of the night was the small pool beside the top of the second falls. I perfect sized pool for a "Thunderhouse jacuzzi". As the waves would pour in the pool would fill and be perfectly aggressive to cool you down. Before bed Andy and I were chatting about tattoos and if he would get one. As he shows me where he could on his calve, we see a leech stuck to his foot. Like a while after we finished bathing in the falls. It was hilarious and a god laugh was had.  A great night and day. perfect to regroup and refocus.

On To Day 3. 

"Conjuring Rock" From Another Campsite

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