Sunday, July 7, 2013

Trip Report: Day:6 Lower Missinaibi River - Mattice to Moose River Crossing.

Day 6: July 5, 13.
-Km's Paddled: 23km
-Portaged Meters: 100m
-General Weather: Sunny, No clouds

Early Morning headed towards Moose River Crossing.
So last Morning. After a early rise as we had a train to catch we ate a nice big bowl of oatmeal and some whisky and coffee we packed up ship and we were now officially off of the Lower Missinaibi. We put in on the Moose River and made our way up to Moose River Crossing. The Crossing is the Bridge for the Polar Bear express that runs between Cochrane and Moosonee. The train comes by Moose river twice daily, as it goes in and as it returns.  The Stop is a "flag only" stop and one has to flag the train down to get it to stop and pick you up.

Construction Work Being Done.
As we approached the Bridge we could see a group of men working on the bridge covering the concrete with Steel to prevent the ice from destroying them. We waves as we went under. You have to go past the bridge and come back around to get to the station.  As we landed at the station and brought our gear up to the platform, you could see that the Mover River station is really an outpost for these men. thee is bunk houses, a mess hall, Beer cans everywhere. I was interested in how long these men stay out here at a time. It really seemed like a Klondike outpost, really interesting. a couple of the men came out to say hi, and inquire about our trip. Super friendly, but a rugged bunch of men for sure.

The Main Building.
One Guy came up to use and to let us know that the train will be coming by within the hour and to grab a blaze orange fleece they have hanging to flag it down. Sure enough the train came and as we flagged it down the train stopped and some parcels got dropped off and hands were shaken. A real treat to see some other faces. We loaded our canoe and took the train into Moosonee. The ride took about 1 hour, and when we arrived I had to call Owen from the outfitters to let him know about the early arrival. Owen was out but his wife Denise said that he could bring it in the Morning.

Welcome to Moose River
 After strolling around Moosonee for a couple hours the Train was about to leave for Cochrane. So we Boarded and took the 5.5 Hour Train ride back. Napping, snacking, and reminiscing about the trip the whole way back. It really was amazing, The luck with the tailwinds, The nothing but sun for 6 days. Really a killer trip. Andy and I became closer for sure. Learning, teaching, everything to make a bond stronger. It was an amazing trip and I am glad I got to do complete it with Andy. We arrived in Cochrane with no car to store the canoe in, however the Best Western in Cochrane was oh so kind and let us store it in their lobby for the night and we just got clean and hit a air conditioned bed...It was the perfect end to the trip. We awoke to a great breakfast and my car waiting at the train station. Lower Missinaibi..Complete.

Start Over to Day 1.
Andy Sitting in the Shade.


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    1. Dude.. Great time. Difficult days, Great days, Perfect mixture.

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