Sunday, July 7, 2013

Trip Report: Day:5 Lower Missinaibi River - Mattice to Moose River Crossing.

Day 5: July 4, 13.
-Km's Paddled: 50km
-Portaged Meters: 0
-General Weather: Sunny, No clouds
-End of day Camp.

Loading the Canoe in the Morning.
Day 5 was a simple day, We started with a simple on the water breakfast as the mosquitoes at the site came out in thousands as there was no wind first thing in the morning. We could not set up the sail right away as we had "Deception Rapids" to deal with right out of the hop. They were not bad at all, at first we were not even sure if we had gone through them. We had notice in the days before the river was dropping about 2" or more every day. This explained to us why all the picture from previous trips of other people had them sleeping on gravel bars and running what looked like streams sometimes. Water goes fast from here, and the opportunity to paddle the Missinaibi is short.

Breakfast Mosquitoes.

 No real highlight, other than a more steady tailwind than yesterday. We are able to Blow through the full 50km before 2pm. The sail held tight and barely ever had no wind in it. It was a solid 3 hours of one continuous breeze. A great sailing day. While just cruising along we come up with this story that our sail, a tarp is a third person named "Tarp". He has a stereotypical whitewater rafting guide personality. He really just goes with the flow and let the wind take him where he wants, we create this whole persona of Tarp. and then create the adventure of Andy, Chris, and Tarp. I guess you had to be there. We were busting a gut.

Tarp just going with the flow.
It was so smooth we were able to bust out the pipes while on the water and just sit back and enjoy the steady pace of the wind and water. Truly a relaxing day. We felt lucky to have been able to have a tailwind, Things would have had to have been seriously adjusted if a headwind came into affect. Conversation was light, the map had just straight lines, without even any swifts, Just flat river travel for today.

Enjoying a Pipe.
The Sun was hot, and the wind was strong as we pulled onto Portage Island. The sight was high above teh water level, so we just brought up the sleeping stuff and decided to leave all other gear down below. I had had enough of the blazing sun for 5 days, and decided to "hide" in the tent. Even thought it was sauna hot, it was out of the sun. Andy went fishing in some of the swifts around the corner. Later we met up and collected some nice fossils and rocks. I was no hungry for dinner, as the heat was a little much, but Andy made himself some Bannock Pizza, which looked amazing! I had a bite, and it was surely tasty.

On to Day 6.

Leg Bruise Started to Heal by The End of The Trip.


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