Sunday, August 7, 2011

Canoe Routes of Ontario.

This book, now out of print, was compiled & published by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and was 'the bible' of Ontario canoeing.  Published back when the government used to give a damn about our canoeing heritage.  It was an a great starting point for looking to get away, with the province divided into sectors, each offering a different watershed. Al thought the book did not contain maps, you could, at one time contacted the MNR to get a folded map of each route for free.  From week long wilderness rivers to an afternoon getaway on a  back yard river, this book gave a short description of the river, number and length of portages, a difficulty rating, access and termination options, and other useful blurbs. In the days before the internet, this was the most important piece of initial information. Amazon may still be able to locate used copies for a huge price, And Abebooks has one copy (as of Aug 7, 11) for $10. I scored my copy from a local yard sale for $0.25 10 years ago.  If any one has any of the folded issued maps, and want to pat with them or make copies, please drop me a email!

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