Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dietz Lanterns.

Founded in New York in 1840 by Mr. Robert Edwin Dietz.  The Dietz Co. manufactures kerosene lanterns, commonly known as hurricane lanterns. Given this name be cause they can safely be used in hurricane weather.  If you venture to any antique market, 90% of the lanterns you will see are Dietz.  Unfortunately Dietz moved all their production, including the original equipment to Hong Kong in 1956, then to China in 1988.  Their lanterns are still in production and are made on the original machines,  They are super affordable, and its great to have one put away in case of a emergency, Lee Valley has the No. 80 for $20.  It really is a beautiful lantern for that price.  Two Christmas' ago, my Wife and I were at Black Creek Pioneer Village for the "Christmas By Lamplight" and got to witness the whole village lit by these all night long.  Simply beautiful!

There are three typical kinds of lantern construction.

Cold Blast Lanterns:
Takes in air through side tubes and the globe plate. A "Cold Blast" Lantern has a white flame and twice the volume of light. With modern fuels they can be used inside or out.

Hot Blast Lanterns:
Takes in air through openings in the base. Air ascends through the globe and is heated by the flame and produces a steady yellow flame.  A Hot Blast Lantern and is good for use indoors.

Dead flame lanterns:
Have no forced draft but the rising heat of the flame pulls fresh air in through the bottom holes.

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