Monday, August 29, 2011

Damn Yak Dry Goods Co. Tote.

A couple weeks ago, I was commissioned to make a custom tote/purse.  I was sent a picture of the general size that she wanted, and left it up to me from there.  The entire body of the tote is 5 OZ tooling leather for a rugged bag that will stand the test of time.  the tote was hand dyed and stitched with artificial sinew.  The bottom of the tote was boxed and riveted, and the handles are waxed 6oz tooling leather.  The inside of one grip has a built in Sam Browne Button key holder, as the tote was is almost 22" deep and keys would be easily lost!  It turned out beautifully and will really weather well! Can't wait to see it in a year!

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