Friday, August 12, 2011

Hap Wilson.

Hap Wilson is another one of Canada's canoe heroes,   If you have ever planned a trip to Missinaibi, or Temagami you probably have used his guide books.  He has also written other books about camping and wilderness tripping.  One of my favorites is "The Cabin: A Search for Personal Sanctuary".  He illustrates all his books, whether it be maps of a route or wonderfully rich landscapes all done in pen and ink.  His illustraion are so clear and beautiful! Mr. Wilson has quite the history in the wild, he has worked as a portage maintenance worker in the 70's (dream job.), a guide, fought the logging industry, owned a outfitters, and turned Temagami in to one of the world busiest canoe areas.  I have yet to explore Temegami, any route suggestions?

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