Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Boardwalk Empire - Outdoors

Not to sure how many people are following this series, however this past week there was some great scenes. One of the characters Richard, was out for a walk in the woods, sporting the full tweed including a vest, also carrying a fantastic bone handled knife, US leather side bag and beautiful leather rifle case. Along his travels he meets up with the typical outdoors-men with the tall leather boots, tough pants, chore coat, and fedora. What a great camp they had in the bush, would have loved to have sat by that fire and had a chat. Of course they can pick the perfect location to make the camp ever so. The wardrobe in this show is next to none. The pieces are so colourful, and exact. I would love to go for a tour of their clothing collection for the show, to see the rows of outfits all perfectly matched for the stars and the extras alike.