Monday, October 31, 2011

Pine Pitch Salve - Canadian Outdoor Equipment Co.

Canadian Outdoor Equipment Company Owners Tim and Chris, have just taken stock of Damn Yak Dry Goods Wilderness Remedy / Pine Pitch Salve.  As I have mentioned in my July post I hand collect the Pitch from My favorite hiking area in Halton.  The beeswax came from my Brother, who is a hobby apiarist, and the olive oil is a high end brand from Italy. This batch I used some US made 1oz tins for easy storage on yourself or in your first aid kit.  These 1oz tins will last an average single user aleast two years.  Again to refresh, Pine Pitch Salve has been around for hundreds of years and has been used to treat all sorts ailments in both humans and animals. Pine Pitch is a know antimicrobial. Today its used to sooth minor scrapes and cuts, as well it is a excellent "pulling" ointment for slivers. It will not cure you of any major desiese or virus, but it makes a soothing first aid salve. COEC might be putting it online, but you can swing by their shop or give them a shout, and they will definitely help you out.  On the same note, COEC will be attending the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto November 4-13, and you can pick one up there.

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