Monday, October 24, 2011

Coleman - The Pink Year(s)


 Sometime is in the 50's Coleman had a great idea to come out with a core camping set in pink to market to fashion conscious women who like to camp.  It consisted of the above cooler, stove, lantern, and jug.  What is interesting about this set is that the stove and lantern are some of the only Coleman items that used their LP gas in canisters.  Just in case you don't know, almost all Coleman items of this time period used naphtha, or white gas.  I think that they might have did this so that the women using them could easily refill the stove or lantern just by putting in a cartridge, as apposed to poring fuel, dealing with the tanks pressure, and the initial starting flare up.  Needless to say this set wasn't produced that long, and are some what collectable now...even though you can't find the gas anywhere to use you stove or lantern.   The Lantern is model number 5104, and if anyone has one or the jug, I would love to take these useless things off your hands.


  1. Damn , that pink lantern is a thing of beauty!

    1. i have one in near mint condition with the original box also close to mint.was taped up with coleman tape.
      looking for offers on it
      you can call me at 1-204-261-7282
      my name is marvin