Monday, October 10, 2011

Gathering Honey.

 This past Sunday I had the pleasure of helping my Brother, whom is a Hobby Apiarist (beekeeper) gather some honey.  Having never been around this many bees at once, I was a tad nervous.  As we gathered the equipment and suits my brother assured me there was no problem as they are more interested in the honey than me.  Arriving at the hives my brother explained many of the interesting small details about how the bees work as a community and how everything is very naturally organized and their lives are quite expendable depending on the season.  As he put put it " the drones are kicked out before winter like a idiot at a bar", literally tossed out or killed.   As we collected two "supers", the bees were surprising calm.  Don't get me wrong, they were landing and crawling on my face mask but no one got stung! I really loved the drone of them buzzing around.  what a wild sound!  As we arrived back at his home, we decapped the board and dropped them in the extractor collecting easily over 100lbs of honey! Mind you as we had to do this outside, the amount of bees in the honey was hilarious.  This morning I spent about an hour putting the honey through a jelly bag making it crystal clear.  It was so much fun to take part in the gathering of the honey and can't wait for next year, and hopefully a larger harvest.



  1. Great post, love the pics! I visited this place a few years ago, it's a nice summer Sunday thing to do. They have bee beard competitions which usually prove to be pretty impressive!

  2. I will take a look! And I have already sent My bro the email regarding the Book!

    On another note, It was so fantastic seeing Corey and yourself this weekend. It was great catching up! Hopefully we will meet up sooner than later!

  3. Thanks Lily! And thanks for stopping by.

    What is you site about?