Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bargain Alert - Kevin Callan Canoe Books.


If you enjoy canoeing in Ontario you know who Kevin Callan is. He is the "Happy Camper", He is a author, speaker, and foremost a canoeist. His series of books about canoe routes around ontario are top notch. They are full of great pictures, detailed maps, and fantastic stories. I have had the pleasure of meeting Kevin a couple times and never have I met such a friendly gentlemen. He makes you feel as if you knew him your entire life, absolute comfort in conversation. I have suggested to anyone looking to get into canoeing, camping or are looking for new canoe routes to pick up one of his books and enjoy.

 So this leads me to my local online bookstore Bookcloseouts.ca, that is based in St. Catherines Ontario. While searching a couple weeks ago I saw that they had over 10 different Kevin Callan books at insane discounts (like $5.99). So if you are interested, scoop them up here.

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