Friday, June 22, 2012

Eton FR350 - FR400 Radios.

Now I know what some people are going to say about this post. They are going to say that bring a radio on a camping trip is sacrilegious. My Big Sister got me one of these Eton FR350 a couple years back as a gift and it has accompanied me on all my canoe trips from then. While I do not always use it on the trip for music, it has some great emergency functions that could be helpful. It has a siren, a flashlight/strobe, it can recharge a cell phone, and its dynamo powered.

I think its great for those nice nights when you just feel like listening to the CBC, as you can quietly put it on and relax. The FR350 also has Shortwave radio, so you can get some pretty funky music from all over the world, and the FR400 has NOAA weather. I know a couple times while it was pouring out it came in handy to keep spirits up to dance around under the tarp to come classic rock. The radio is "weather resistant" not water-proof, and the radio has a fantastic rubberized outer shell. I used the dynamo for years, but recently decided to just stick some batteries in there, and put the dynamo on standby.

This Eton has been a stand up radio for all seasons, and I would recommend anyone looking to tote a little music box while camping to check it out. There is even a sweet Red Cross edition, I suggest for camping stay away from the camo radio and stick with mine that is the blaze orange.

How do you feel about music while camping, I am not talking "rager" loud, but bringing a small radio to enhance the evening?


  1. I have the fr 400 for the NOAA weather feature. At 1 lb 4 oz i don't feel I'm sacrificing anything by carrying it. I don't generally listen to music in camp unless through headphones anyway.