Friday, June 15, 2012

Happy Fathers Day.

Happy Father's day, Dads.

Take the day, relax, and enjoy. I know my dad won't read this as he doesn't use computers, but I just want to thank him for being him, for taking me on canoe trips to hudson's bay (even thought at age 11 I didn't want to go, but I am sure glad I did). Thanks for letting me wax his antique car for $2 (what a deal), and for alway thinking of me and having exciting stuff planned for every weekend visit we had.  So many laughable memories, from kind of losing my sister at Disney world, to driving to Niagara Falls in the dead of winter in a car with no heat, and we always talk about the time I fell down a 600m gravel hill spliting my head open 10 minutes after getting to our destination which was 3 hours from home. I can't wait to hang out this weekend and just be. 

So I leave you all with some picture of my pops & Uncle (Mom's Brother) from I believe '65 - '66, when they were in the Toronto band "Bobbi Lee Justice & the Scepters". As well check out "Going Down" one of there singles. I love the tune and have had many friends ask for the mp3. I am still searching for an actual copy. My Dad is on bass (love the bassline Dad!) and my Uncle (with thick frame glasses) ripping it up on guitar, there is more pics in the video.

Happy Father Day Dad. Thank you for Everything.


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