Monday, June 11, 2012

Grand River - The Oxbow.

This past weekend My wife and I headed out for a paddle along the Grand River. Specifically The Oxbow section. The Oxbow is located just outside Brantford, Ontario and allows people the perfect day paddle. The put in is a paved and gravel parking lot, with a drive down boat launch. Unfortunately because of it hidden/secluded area there is plenty of empty beer cans and garbage around the parking lot which kind of taints the whole nature experience. So once your loaded up put in you go with the flow. This section take a little longer than 2 hours to complete. Along the way there are a couple swifts, and plenty small wildlife among the greenery, turtles sunning themselves, muskrats scurrying about, and birds fill the air with noise. Your take out after this relaxing paddle is the very next bridge that you come up to. The take out is on the right, and it is a short 10 minute walk back to your car. My wife usually stays with the canoe, and I go get the car and drive back over. It really doesn't get that much easier for a morning paddle. Now if only the Missinaibi was like this, planning would be so simple.


  1. Did I hear correctly... are you doing the Missinaibi this summer?

  2. Thanks for this writeup - going to hit this tonight and see how it is. Cheers

  3. Nice!, Enjoy, its a good paddle.